Pick Your Own

We open up our farm and blueberry garden to Pick Your Own blueberry visitors in early June. We offer Pick Your Own produce options for those wanting to explore Hungary's only organic blueberry plantation. Here, you can see where the healthiest fruit is grown, pick some yourself and treat yourself and your family to a unique experience. Moreover, you can learn about our blueberry products, which can be purchased here all year round. The fresh organic blueberries are available for pickers at 9.50 € / kg. You can register for blueberry Pick Your Own events by clicking the button below and when it's harvest time, we'll alert you via Email. If your preference is to not Pick Your Own, then we can do the picking for you at 11 € / kg. If this is the case, just give us a call before coming so as to take advantage of the pre-picked fresh fruits. Don't forget to bring suitable picking containers with you. We look forward to greeting you in our garden when the blueberry Pick Your Own days open.

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