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Bluberry Garden

If you are looking to find organic blueberry products, then you are at the right place!  Our farm has a two acres of organic blueberry nursery near the popular spa city of Zalakaros, Hungary. We offer our berries’ organic processed products such as blueberry jam, pruned blueberry, tea, juice and spicy sauce. All our products contain 100% of blueberry and no preservatives or any artificial materials are added during the production process. We can also supply our customers with mature blueberry stems and bushes. More information about our products and prices as well as details on how to place an order is available in the Products Menu.  Our “Pick Your Own” blueberries are organically grown with composted horse manure and biodynamic preparations. The preparations assist with nutrient intake, disease prevention, and flavour enhancement.   We control weeds with mulching, tilling, mowing, and weeding. Since our berries are herbicide- and pesticide-free, you can safely eat them unwashed right from the bush! See more about our Pick Your Own harvest also in the Products Menu.